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Notice from Iowa County Youth Soccer - COVID-19 Update

Practices Now Suspended Until October 19

As you may know, the number of active COVID cases in Iowa County continues to increase, and due to this, the Dodgeville School District is now at the level where they have pivoted to an all-virtual model for the next two weeks.

Because we are following the district’s COVID pivot model, we will extend our suspension of all practices until Monday, October 19, which mirrors the Dodgeville School District’s date for the return of in-person instruction.

All Iowa County Youth Soccer families received an email about this today (10/7). If there are any questions, please send a DM.

Until we are able to safely meet up again in-person to practice, please make sure to get outside to enjoy this beautiful weather and practice your dribbling and shooting skills!

Fall 2020-21 In-House Game Schedules Coming Soon

Click on the appropriate link below to view. 

  • U5/U7
  • U9

Fall 2020-21 Travel Game Schedules COMING SOON


  • U10/U11 Girls Lightning
  • U11/U12 Girls Pride
  • U14 Girls Storm
  • U10 Boys Fury
  • U11 Boys Cougars
  • U12 Boys Lightning
  • U13/U14 Boys Strikers
  • U14/U15 Boys Rockets

Iowa County Youth Soccer

The Iowa County Youth Soccer Association is community organization promoting soccer for all children in the Iowa County area.

Our organizations operations are volunteer run and are funded by registration fees, sponsorships, fundraising and donations.

We do not receive funding from Dodgeville Park and Recreation or any other public entity or business.

*If you are interested in volunteering for a board member position or to help with special committees, please contact one of the current Board Members.  Volunteers are what make this program happen.  We are in need of a few key spots on our board today!

All events, tournaments, games and other activities sponsored by ICYSA rely heavily on the “Spirit of the Game”. 

What is the Spirit of the Game?

The Spirit of the Game is an emphasis on sportsmanship, fun, respect-for-all and quality of play over winning, rivalries, or trophies. Highly competitive play is encouraged but never at the expense of mutual respect among competitors, adherence to the rules and the basic enjoyment of participating.


Spectating is more fun when you

  1. Know the Laws of the Game, including special adaptations and specific rules for any event or tournament.
  2. Appreciate hard work and quality of play over winning  trophies. Cheer for great plays and hustle, by either team.
  3. Set your own best example. Take the high road regardless of how others behave.
  4. Overcome obstacles. View adversity of any kind as a learning, parenting, or mentoring opportunity and not a reason to complain.
  5. HAVE FUN! This is why kids play the game. In many surveys, asked why they play, “Winning” isn’t even among the Top 10 reasons.
  6. Stay on the spectator side of the field; do not approach coaches during games. Cheer from the sideline without undermine the coach position with your own calls. Your player wants to hear you cheering THEM on.

ICYSA Iowa County Youth Soccer Association

ICYSA Iowa County Youth Soccer Association

P.O. Box 84 Dodgeville, WI  53533


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